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Is It The Setting Of Mirc


Is It The Setting OF Msn Messenger


How To Configure Ur Client Type The Ip And Click On The (Update Button)


Is It The Setting Of Ur Browser




Here Are The Settings Of Browsing,Msn,Yahoo Messenger And Mirc*      

              Now Enjoy Ur Self*

Browsing:Sever ip <> Or Port <8080>

Msn: http <Wid no IP> Or Port <80> And Auto*

Yahoo Messenger: Firewall Wid No Proxy


To Opening The  Sharing U Must Configure Ur Workgroup.

Workgroup Is (Thunders)


Those Uzers Who Facing A Problems After Compeleting These Settings So You Must Install MspClient Click On The <Start> Menu & Open <Run> & Type When Window Will Appear Then Copy The Folder Of Client And Run <Setup> When Setup Complete Then Restart The System Now U Will Show The Icon Of Mspclient In System Tray Just Double Click And Configure Them

1:) 1st Option Is Enable Firewall Client.  ( Click Them)

2:) 2nd Option Is Automatically Detect The Isa Server. ( Leave It )

3:) 3rd Option Is Use This Isa Server. ( Type The Ip Of Server (

4:) 4th Option Is Update Now. ( Click & Ok )

5:) 5th Click On The <Ok> And Just Exit

*Downloads R Temporarily Restricted*

Try To Downloads At Night After 12:00 O'Clock







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